Hagar-Qim design competition, Malta (honorable mention)

An idea competition for hagar-qim archeological and ecological park in malta. The intervention on the site was based on the two main objectives: the walk - designed to provide a better understanding of the special topography of the place, and equiped with some ‘hidden’ buildings to accomodate the diffrent necessary functions: museum, administration, orientation point, and the monument - the intervention was kept to a minimum, some light canopies were designed in order to provide protection and acces to the prehistoric site through-out the year. The aim of the design was minimum impact over the site with special emphasis given to the ecology of the design, the materials used and the quailies of the place. historical past, and not the least profitability and urban planning rules proved to be a very challenging task.
hagar-qim, malta, 2004
with: ch. theodoropoulos 
competition, honorable mention

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