plevnei 145, Bucharest, Romania

The study for a new master plan and the reconversion of an old industrial site in Bucharest. The owners wanted a new scheme for using the site, a large scale development that will transform the area, while retaining and re-evaluating its character. A special intervention in the central area of the city, with the following design aims: 
1.reintegration in the urban tissue
2.creating a new pole of interest for the larger area with mixt-use activities and open spaces that can be used by the general public
3.reconnecting contemporary bucharest with its industrial past
We balanced the introduction of the new structures on the site with the ‘infusion’ of new functions into the old buildings bringing them back into the everyday life of the city. The fine tunning between volumes, functions,  historical past, and not the least profitability and urban planning rules proved to be a very challenging task.

bucharest, romania, 2007
skaa, b. selin, t. stoica 
planning: 2007
client: withheld 
area: 28000sqm

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