Economat Locativ, Rahova-Uranus

Economatul Locativ is the representation of a prospective project brief designed by Sorin Istudor and Kalliopi Dimou (skaarchitects) and Ana-Dora Matei and Alecsandru Vasiliu (ArhiPera), brought about by LaBomba Studios, an NGO developing creative community building in the Rahova-Uranus area.
Urged by the upcoming evictions (compelled by the restitution of confiscated properties) and, therefore, the threat of dismantling the community, LaBomba Studios gathered a group of experts: politicians, architects, sociologists and anthropologists, artists, to formulate preliminary solutions and to sign on, as partners, this long term inclusive design.
The project brief advocates for an architectural implant. While offering the necessary social houses in the area and formalises the already existing economic activities (catering and cafeteria, tailoring, tending the neighbourhood children), it acts as a revitalising mechanism by proposing residences also for artists and social sciences professionals. Moreover, it becomes a “green” landmark, where, alongside social sustainability, sustainable building materials and use of renewable energy, it puts forward contemporary urban movements.

bucharest, romania 2013
skaarchitects (cu Ana-Dora Matei, Alecsandru Vasiliu)
client: labombaSTUDIOS

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