Renovation and extension of a country house in Dambovicioara, Romania

the paysage

This beautiful old "muscelean" house is situated in the small village called Dambovicioara, in an area of an exceptional natural beauty. Passing through a small canyon the visitor arrives in a village where unfortunately only three houses have preserved their traditional character. 

A renovation and an extension were the guidelines for the project. The interventions in the old house are the necessary ones to make it functional again, a two room house with a cellar. A transparent kitchen like a "neck" leads to the extension, the new house, where the two bedrooms and bathrooms are. It is a simple two floor wooden structure that recalls the barns of the area, a kind of annex that stays gently in the landscape with its one side half buried into the steep heel.

The whole composition creates a private terrace oriented towards south and covered with a pergola. The bedrooms having direct access to the terrace, receive every morning the nice light from east.

The "public" life of the complex is found at the old house with the one room destinated for a dining room, the other for the living room with the fireplace and the old terrace that looks upon the village.

the project

under construction

dambovicioara, romania 2016
client: withheld 
area: 155sqm


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